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Tile roof installed over wod purlins


We offer a wide range of construction services for projects large and small. Cincinnati Building License (CBRC009759) and Florida Roofing License (CCC1331197).

Our office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. All work is performed in accordance with local laws and codes.

Kraftman Construction LLC company was established in 2011 with its owner operating since 2004. The company name was inspired by a customer who highlighted the craftsmanship of the work on his copper flashing. All our work is detail oriented and performance driven: we do not sacrifice quality for speed. Safety of the crew and satisfaction of the customers is our highest priority.

Our clients represent a variety of interests and needs, from general contractors and custom- and production-home builders to commercial and residential property owners.



We listen. We understand that a roof work is an investment whether it is a small repair or a large roof replacement. We want you to feel assured and have peace of mind that your roofing project will be completed to the top quality standards.

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